GLOB Tool Factory Ltd. has purchased a new machine - UV printer, which allow us to realize individual customer projects. 

UV printing technology is quite similar to the operation of a regular inkjet printer. The main difference is the type of ink and the method of fixing the print. UV printer inks are a special mixture of liquid polymers, which become extremely durable after curing.

UV light fixation makes the print resistant to water, temperature, as well as sunlight. There is no fear that it will be harmed by changing weather conditions. Using this technique you can print in both large and small format. With a UV printer, the image can be applied directly to the object, making the whole process faster and easier. The images created with UV printing are very clear, and the colors are vivid, contrasting and perfectly reproduced. What's more, UV radiation ensures that they do not fade over time. These advantages make UV printing superior to many other techniques and is increasingly used in a really wide range of applications.