Glob Tools Factory Ltd. is a company with many years of experience. It was established in 1996.

Our production includes:

 - Hand hacksaw blades, sabre saw blades, miter hacksaw blades, frame saw blades

 - Band knives and cutting belts.

 - Band saws for cutting wood, band saws for cutting metal.

 - System of adapters for angle grinders, suitable for various applications: grinding, polishing, matting, etc.

 - Abrasives for adapters and power tools.

 - Saws: planers, crosscut saws, horticultural saws.

 - Ski lifts: conveyors, high rope guide, low rope guide, portable, water, parts (repairs, upgrades).


We have an experienced staff and a modern machine park, which allows us to offer the highest quality products both on the Polish and foreign market.

The rank of our company continues to grow and our products are exported to many countries in Europe (Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia), countries of North Africa and Asia.

GLOB Tools Ltd. also performs a whole range of services:

- Welding and regeneration of bands saws, band knives

- Service of power tools and magnetic drills

- Production and regeneration of the megnet base for magnetic drills

- Waterjet, plasma and laser cutting

- Sheet metal banding, turning, CNC milling, welding, induction hardening

- Repairs and modernization of snow ski lifts.

The company, thanks to its experience in manufacturing high-quality products, has received the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Through appropriate actions, our company is under the constant supervision of the Transport Technical Supervision, which allows us to manufacture, modernize ski lifts and conduct training for the operation and maintenance of ski lifts and cable cars. In addition, our employees are authorized to perform wire rope splicing: TDT-WT-404-1:2009 and welding of structures granted by TDT (Transport Technical Supervision).

Taking care of the environment, we use during production the energy produced by 50kW photovoltaic panels, which we installed on one of our production halls.