We provide services in sandblasting, glazing and powder coating of steel and aluminum materials. The equipment installed in our paint shop for chemical surface preparation and varnishing of elements allows us to protect against corrosion details with dimensions:

  • height up to 1400 mm

  • width up to 900 mm

  • length up to 3700 mm

Thanks to the applied technology of washing elements during which additional phosphate protection is applied to improve adhesion under the applied industrial paints, we can guarantee the durability of the coating.

We offer high quality paints and a full range of RAL colors, and in addition to certified products, the offer also includes pure epoxy, industrial polyester and polyester-epoxy mixtures. Customers can also choose from single-layer polyesters, which give painted items a realistic antique look, structural paints, or pure epoxy paints. Another option is to customize according to the customer's needs the color of the powder paint on the basis of the template we have.

We are able to complete powder coating orders for various items within a short time. We offer competitive prices and high quality. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.