Adapter for satining and tarnishing flat surfaces GLOB SYSTEM GS04-05 ⌀ 44

Adapter for satining, grinding,tarnishing and polishing flat surfaces.

Thanks to its standard M14 thread mounting, the adapter can be fitted to any 125mm angle grinder equipped with a variable speed control system.


A suitable surface is achieved using the appropriate grits of abrasive cloth, non-woven and polishing flap wheels. Flap wheels or tires with endless belts can be used.

The adapter can also be supplied with a special tyre to which endless belts can be attached for processing steel and stainless steel.


Producer takes care of environmental protection by using energy produced by 50kW photovoltaic panels, which were installed in one of our production halls.


The adapter can also be used for wood aging operations by using wire brushes made of steel, brass, or abralon provided by the manufacturer. The high-quality construction and detailed user manual make the assembly process simple and quick. The wide selection of abrasive and polishing materials ensures that the desired surface quality can be achieved with minimal effort.


The adapter is compatible with the following angle grinders:

AEG WS 12-125 XE

AEG WS 13-125SXE

DeWalt D28136-QS

DeWalt DWE4257

Milwaukee AGV 15-125XE




1 x grinding wheel arbor,

1 x specialized grinding wheel cover,

1 x flap wheel  100x100x19mm of non-woven grinding,

1 x flap wheel 100x100x19mm of abrasive cloth,

1 x manual in English,

1 x packaging cardboard box for GLOB SYSTEM adapter,

1 x manufacturer warranty (12 months).


Data sheet

125mm angle grinders with variable speed control unit
M14 thread
Adapter for satining, grinding,tarnishing and polishing flat surfaces. Suitable surface is obtained using the appropriate granulation abrasive cloth, non-woven abrasive. Cylindrical flap discs can be used as well as special tire with the endless belts
280 x 180 x 130 mm
2 kgs
AEG WS 12-125 XE, AEG WS 13-125SXE , DeWalt D28136-QS, DeWalt DWE4257

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